About Us

WICK Property Maintenance is less than a decade old bringing leadership with nearly two decades of experience in property maintenance and servicing properties both inside and out.

Our story starts with a vision to simplify property maintenance and management, and as with any successful business, the road to success for thinking outside the box was filled with challenges. However, every obstacle served as a valuable learning opportunity, and every success was the motivation needed to move forward. Through hard work and determination, we have developed and mastered the systems that help us consistently deliver on our promise to clients each and every day:

To simplify property management by defusing all maintenance concerns.

WICK Property Maintenance is the answer to your company’s property maintenance needs and will be met in a safe, cost-effective, and straightforward way.

Our property maintenance services can be accessed anytime from anywhere and there is mobile-friendly software for additional convenience.

You get support from real people when you need it most and specialists equipped to help in emergencies. Our contractors are licensed and insured, so our clients can rest assured about receiving quality services at competitive pricing.